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CoConUT ("Context Collection for non-stationary User Testing") is a field study toolkit for supporting short-term mobile field studies. It features several apps and wearables which collect quantitative and qualitative data about context and behavior directly in the field.

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The CoConUT app for Android collects sensoral data about environmental context and user interaction during short-term mobile field studies directly on the smartphone.

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CoCoQuest guides the user through short-term mobile field studies by providing a questionnaire and functionalities to collect in-situ experience through video, sound and photos.

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The CoCoVis visualization dashboard enables the user to visually explore and analyze the data collected by CoConUT and CoCoQuest.

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The CoConUT Biosensor is an open-source wearable which collects biofeedback of the user by measuring heartbeat, galvanic skin response and skin temperature.

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The CoCoHat is a Raspberry Pi powered hat which collects qualitative video and sound data about environment and user interaction on the device.

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